Cardinal Burns: Screening and Q&A

Cardinal Burns: Screening and Q&A

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The first series of Cardinal Burns won a record three British Comedy Awards in 2013, more than any other first-time nominee, so is it any surprise that it's back on screens this April on Channel 4?

The second series of the comedy sketch show, written and performed by Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns, brings back some well-loved characters (including Young Dreams and Banksy), as well as introducing us to a raft of new characters: Hastag and Bukake anyone?

After a screening of the first two episodes, Heat magazine TV and Reviews Editor Boyd Hilton spoke to the guys and Executive Producer Jenna Jones about the making of the show and what it's really like walking around Shoreditch with prosthetic genitals attached to one's face...

Read more on Cardinal Burns here, and watch an exclusive clip from Series 2:


Ruby Deshabille @RubyDeshabille • Sep 25

Just been reminded of this. It will never not make me laugh. Forever indebted to @CardinalBurns for this. #fieryhawk

HUB @HUB_Comedy • Sep 22

Some people are over the moon about the Uber news @CardinalBurns