Escape from ISIS - June 6th 2015

Escape from ISIS - Dispatches: Screening and Q&A

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Featuring exclusive footage shot by an activist cell inside the Islamic State, this Dispatches exposes the brutal regime auffered by millions of women living under ISIS - and the extraordinary story of a secret underground network trying to save them.

Powerful testimony from women trapped inside the terror state, and those who managed to escape, reveal the medieval barbarity many are forced to endure, including lashings, stonings and sex slavery.

Yet, amid horror, a small group of brave volunteers have organised an underground railroad inside Islamic State to free the extremists' captives.  They have never allowed cameraas to film their work before.  With access to the heart of their operations, we see the network secretly plotting and negotiating the rescue of female slaves from ISIS, and reuniting them with their families.

The screening will take place at BAFTA, followed by a panel discussion featuring director/producer Edward Watts, producer Evan Williams and Siobhan Sinnerton, commissioning editor, Channel 4.


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Escape from ISIS

Escape from ISIS - Q&A with Director Ed Watts, Producer Evan Williams and Channel 4 Head of News & Current Affairs Dorothy Byrne. Chaired by Lindsey Hilsum, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Channel 4 News.


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